Experience A Colossal Weekend’s alternative artistic expression through carefully selected acts that break conventions. This year’s three artists in Residence – Afsky, Halvcirkel, and KATLA – offer unique performances ranging from classical music to in-depth black metal and reflections on time and eternity.

A rare opportunity to experience the festival in a completely new way.

Thursday May 16, Afsky and Halvcirkel join forces to perform material from Afsky’s instrumental album ‘I Stilhed’ in an all acoustic setup.

This is a completely unique chance to experience a moden string ensemble in collaboration with on of Denmark’s finest black metal acts. Both acts will perform ‘regular’ shows on Saturday evening as well.

Thursday and Friday danish doom powerhouse KATLA will perform in two very different setups and explore territories and dimension new to themselves and to the audience.

Thursday: For Fremtiden mod Fortiden / For The Past To The FutureLounge stage.  An ode to the past and celebration of the present, Katla will be performing a classic yet modern version of their more traditional shows, combining light and sound with the essence of grotty and filthy doom music. Thursday will be in the realm of love and Satan.

Friday: Fra Fremtiden til Evigheden / From the Future to EternityBasement stage

Dark and murky soundscapes in the absence of light, Katla will be performing a one-off show with never played or heard material in a gloomy and hazy setting. With various guest performances, they will emerge into a yet unseen part of the bands musical girth. Embrace yourself, this will be heavy.


On Friday and Saturday in Ideal Bar, A Colossal Weekend presents concerts with a revolutionary sound experience with their immersive sound system. With Dolby Atmos technology and 18 speakers, the system creates an immersive concert experience where sound envelops listeners from all sides. Artists can explore various audio formats, providing a unique and intense music experience. It’s not just a concert – it’s a deep sonic journey that leaves the audience amazed and mesmerized.

Friday Kee Avil (CA) and Anna Roemer feat. Ned Ferm (DK/US) can be experienced live in immersive audio.

Saturday Halvcirkel and Offermose/Last Oblivion will perform immersive concerts.

 Learn more about immersive sound here: