We are sad to announce that Inter Arma have to cancel their tour and appearances at ACW23! But we have already found a great and suiting replacement with Year Of No Light. Year of No Light (FR) Year of No Light, the sextet from Bordeaux, has a colossal sound, almost claustrophobically dense moving effortlessly between ambient sludge and psychedelic doom. Their new studio album Consolamentum (2021) offers one of the most hallucinating build-ups in the history of post metal: Layers upon layers of guitars and synths gradually tighten the dramatic tension on the track ‘Alètheia’ (‘truth’ in Greek), only on the verge of the suffocating to discharge an orbital, galloping powerchord chaos. Equal measures of sonic threat and alleviative trance. Give them a listen: https://youtu.be/9h9ThvE3D3w