Lingua Ignota (US)

Multidisciplinary artist Kristin Hayter approaches themes of abuse, violence, and vengeance in radical and moving ways. The sonic epicenter of the project is Hayter’s voice, which unfolds with unfathomable mastery of vocal technique and expression. Her “unknown language” voices the unheard, silenced and dismissed. The musical atmospheres are made of power electronics, death industrial, black metal, classical music, Appalachian folk, and much more. You might just lose your breath when Lingua Ignota confronts you.

Midwife (US)

Madeline Johnston, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, creates intricate and lush sonic environments where she addresses grief in its many forms. On her single, “Sickworld”, she turns her malaise outwards, feeling homesick for a place she can never return to, because it doesn’t exist in this sick world. The album, Luminol (2021), navigates themes of incarceration, control, self-harm, and truth, all emerging with forensic clarity in the bioluminescent color-field of blue. Johnston defines the sound of her emotionally charged experimental pop music as “heaven metal”.

The preliminary line-up for A Colossal Weekend 2023 is:

Boris (JP) – INTER ARMA (US) – Lingua Ignota (US) – LITURGY (US) Artist in residence – Messa (IT) – Midwife (US) – MOE (NO) – SHY, LOW (US) – We Lost The Sea (AU)